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Shadhiliyya Sufi Communities

Shadhiliyya Sufi Communities is the overarching organization for the beloveds of Shaykh Sidi Muhammad Al Jamal. This website contains beautiful information and many resources. It is a good starting point for our tariqa. Check it out to find the riches there.

University of Sufism:

This is the main website for the University of Sufism and all of its programs.

Institute of Spiritual Healing

This is the main website for Dr. Jaffe’s programs.

Sidi Muhammad Press Use this site to order Sidi’s books and other materials, and to learn more about Sidi.

Sidi Audio Recordings

This is an audio library of Sidi’s teachings organized by SSC that can be streamed by anyone for free.

Farm of Peace

In Warfordsburg PA, this is a center of the tariqa with its own expansive farm and year-round programming,

Local Sufi Communities

All can be found at:

Calendar of programming provided through SSC

Fawzia Al-Rawi

Fawzia is Sidi’s daughter-in-law and one of our most beloved teachers. Living in Austria, she does weekly dhikrs on Thursdays that can be accessed through the program calendar above.

The Unity Project

The Unity Project applies Sufi principles and prayer to create inner and outer peace within the Shadhiliyya Sufi communities. Reach out through this site for support.

Unity Peace Prayer

Unity Peace Prayer is a non-profit group of Shadhiliyya Sufi beloveds who have taken hand with Sidi. Check out their offerings and their youtube channel.

The Al Ansar Community Support Council

The Al Ansar Community Support Council is a source for reconciliation within the tariq.

Universal Chaplaincy

Universal Chaplaincy is run by Hakima Amany Chalaby, a translator of Sidi, to provide chaplaincy training within the tariqa.

Inspired Remedies

More than 20 years ago, Sidi entrusted two of his long-time students, Salih and Aisha Cotten, with his secret natural healing remedies, many of which are described in his healing books. You can purchase them from this site.

The Sufi Soulmate Project

The Sufi Soulmate Project is welcomes beloveds to use the teachings of our guide to support families and relationships.

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