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Community Connection Day Videos

Community Connection Days:
Sufi Teaching Videos

On the 2nd Sunday of every month the Sufi Center invites teachers from around the country and the world to offer wisdom and insights about a variety of spiritual subjects. Using state-of-the-art video conferencing technology at the Center we experience and interact with these beautiful teachers and teachings every month. Access recordings of these beautiful teachings here and visit our events page for future connection days.

Video:  Living Peace Now

Video: Living Peace Now

Living Peace Now with Dr. John Abd al-Qadir Davies The world lives and evolves through dynamic contrasts. We are blessed to live in "interesting times",...

Video:  Falling In Love With the Prophet

Video: Falling In Love With the Prophet

Falling in Love with the Prophet with Hakima Graefer It is said that a shaykh once told a man who asked to become his student that until he had had the...

Video:  Putting First Things First

Video: Putting First Things First

The world seems to be encroaching on us more and more and seeking our attention in an ever increasing number of ways. We’re facing more complexity and variety as the outside gathers more speed…

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