Is This You?

Is this You?

You are not Alone; It is Possible to find Ease, Joy, Love . . .

You might feel at home in this community if any of the following sound familiar:

You are yearning to connect to something bigger

You have tried many things, yet something still seems missing.  Maybe you’ve tried meditation, positive affirmations, self-help workshops...overeating, dieting, exercise bootcamps...connecting with nature...or something else.  Yet, despite all of your effort, you still feel unhappy and disconnected.  You want to connect to something bigger, something deeper than your own self.

You want to experience the Divine in your life now

You have not found a way to experience the Divine in your life RIGHT NOW. You are a seeker who has tried various spiritual paths, yet you still haven’t found that true connection that stays with you.

You are looking for more balance

You feel thrown off by life’s daily challenges. When circumstances pull you off course, it can be really hard to find equilibrium inside. It can be difficult to remember and feel your connection with love, peace, and joy.

You want to deepen your relationships

You are in a relationship that never seems to improve. You feel like giving up. You’ve tried so hard to give your best, but you circle around and around in self-defeating patterns.

You are in need of healing

You are suffering from a health condition that just isn’t healing. A physical challenge keeps flaring up, or even worsens. You’ve tried various forms of healing, from mainstream approaches to alternative, and it just isn’t getting better.

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