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About Us

Sufi Center of MN

Since 1998, Sufi Center Minnesota has helped hundreds of people connect deeply to and maintain connection with their Divine and authentic selves. We offer ancient teachings, practices, and practical tools that have been in use for centuries by spiritual masters and healers to help all beloveds remember that we are each whole and loved in every moment.

Our teachers come from diverse backgrounds and include therapists, healers, educators, bodyworkers, and business leaders.  Many hold Masters of Divinity degrees and Master Healer Certifications.  All of our teachers have spent years learning and integrating sacred principles and practices into their daily lives.  This living commitment makes it possible for us to support to each individual in ways that are both compassionate and practical.

The practices we offer have the capacity to shift deep core issues and patterns that have not resolved with other approaches. These practices help us move beyond trying to improve ourselves  — or simply trying to feel better — to the possibility of real transformation.  This carries with it the added potential of supporting each person to serve as a light in the world.

Our aim is to help as many people as possible to live the reality of love every day in their lives, in their work and in their relationships, especially in these times when love seems so hard to hold onto.

We open our hearts to people from all walks of life.  No matter your own path, whether you come to us to taste what we offer and then return to a home community, or if you decide that we are part of your home community, we want you to know that you can carry this love in every moment.

“The key is with you, in your heart, to open the door of the Light of God. This door is open for you to come and see you are one family without separation. This is the message of the Sufi way. One God, one people, all brothers and sisters, one message. Welcome for you to say you are ready to learn and know who you are. You carry everything inside your heart that you need. You are a holy jewel. Come to know the message of love and peace and mercy and justice and freedom.”

~ Sidi al-Jamal

What is Sufism?

Some say that Sufis have been around since the beginning of time. Eventually, Sufism became known as the mystical path of Islam, a path to oneness that begins in the heart. We at Sufi Center Minnesota follow the Shadhiliyya Sufi order, which is known as a path of healing, and direct connection with the One.

Many people do not realize that Islam is a really diverse path, just as Christianity is, where there exist both evangelical, hard-core fundamentalist teachings, as well as progressive, open-hearted, open-minded ways of practicing. To follow the Sufi path does not require you to leave your current spiritual path or to follow any specific religious tradition, including Islam. Our members come from many different spiritual and religious traditions — or no specific tradition at all.

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