Video: Living Peace Now

Living Peace Now

with Dr. John Abd al-Qadir Davies

The world lives and evolves through dynamic contrasts. We are blessed to live in “interesting times”, and to seek the gifts that are hidden in the apparent chaos and uncertainty that periodically threaten to overwhelm us. The tensions from seemingly irreconcilable situations can move us to search more deeply to find peace, and to understand ourselves, our relationship to the world individually and collectively, and how we can live more of who we are capable of being.

Dr. John Abd al-Qadir Davies

Dr. John Abd al-Qadir Davies

Dr. John Abd al-Qadir Davis is Visiting Professor and Co-Director of Partners in Peace-building at the University of Maryland’s Center for International Development and Conflict Management, co-founder of the Masters in Peacemaking Program at the University of Spiritual Healing and Sufism. His life-long passion has been to create avenues to communication and peace and he has led or partnered in peace building initiatives in over 25 countries. He has been a consultant to US governmental departments as well as international governments and organizations. Abd al-Qadir is a master at listening to what appears outwardly as conflict and with the greatest gentility, civility and compassion lead people to the central truth within themselves and enable them to see that same place within others.