Video: Falling In Love With the Prophet

Falling in Love with the Prophet

with Hakima Graefer

It is said that a shaykh once told a man who asked to become his student that until he had had the experience of loving something, he would not accept him. “Go and love your donkey” he said. And once the man had developed that loving relationship with his donkey, he became a student.

Of all the paths to Allah, love is said to be the highest. That longing for the Beloved is what the Sufis are known for and our guide encouraged us to love and to open that longing. And what better examples of human beings to practice that love with than the Prophet, pbuh, the highest example of a perfect human being, and/or his inheritors.

In this video, it marked 3rd anniversary of the passing of our beloved guide, Sidi Muhammad al-Jamal, one of the Muhammadan inheritors we were blessed to sit with, to learn from, to love. They spent a short time together celebrating the spiritual line by committing themselves anew to understanding who the Prophet was and is and to fall in love with this Secret of Allah.

Hakima Graefer

Hakima graduated from the University of Spiritual Healing and Sufism in 2004. She is a community leader of the San Diego Sufi community and was given the rank of Muqaddam Murrabi (community leader and teacher) by Sidi Muhammad al Jamal of Jerusalem. she hosted the Shaykh for a number of years when he taught in the southern California area. Heeding the guidance of the Shaykh, she travelled to study with his daughter-in-law, Fawzia al-Rawi, in Austria, Morocco and Jerusalem. She has had a continuing deep connection to Sid through her personal experience with him, his talks and his writings. This talk occurred on the 3rd anniversary of the passing of Shaykh Muhammad.