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Sufi Teaching Videos

Video: Teaching On “Accessing Togetherness”

Accessing Togetherness- Offering a sohbet (spiritual conversation)

with Rida Marz Attar

A Murshid Murabbi Ruhi, Rida shares and teaches from a deep well of knowledge, sincerity, and wisdom. He gives in loving service to Allah’s creation and inspires this in others. In this video he offers a sohbet, a friendly conversation with a purpose; an ancient teaching technique. He hopes to better access this togetherness, essential for our individual and collective survival, as well as the manifestation of our DOINGS.

Rida Marz Attar is a member of thhe Murshid Council of the Shadhiliyya Sufi community which was formed by Sidi Shaykh Muhammad al-Jamal to offer guidance to the Sufi community. He is a long time student of Sidi Muhammad and Sufism and counselor to all seeking an understanding of the way of love, peace, mercy and beauty. His guidance is particularly valued for the deep wisdom hhe carries and the clarity of his understanding.

September 10, 2017