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Sufi Teaching Videos

Video: “Four Lessons I Learned About the Truth of the Feminine”

“Four Lessons I learned about the Truth of the Feminine”

with Debra Mastura Graugnard

When I first came onto the Sufi path, I may have been the most insecure person on the planet. Over the years, Sidi made it a mission to help me to understand the truth of who I was created to be and the exquisite nature of what Allah created in the woman. This teaching will share the four main lessons I learned on the journey and the key Sufi teachings that helped me to heal and step into confidence and certainty in the sacred, holy, complete being Allah created each of us to be.

Mastura Debra Graugnard has worked for The University of Spiritual Healing & Sufism since 1998, currently serving as University Relations Coordinator, and teaching as guest faculty on topics related to healing your relationship with food and body image. Mastura’s journey began with the “incurable” diseases of hypoglycemia, fibrocystic disease and ulcerative colitis, which led her on a journey to find healing for the body, mind, heart & spirit. She now helps people world-wide to discover the health they want, the joy they deserve and the love that they are!

Mastura Debra is a spiritual healing practitioner, teacher and writer. She has been a student of Sufism for twenty years, and holds a Masters of Divinity in Spiritual Healing & Counseling. She established Joyfully Living Wellness, her private practice, and The Community for Conscious Living, an online community dedicated to healing the planet through Personal Transformation and Universal Harmony.