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Sufi Teaching Videos

Video: Spiritual Mindfulness- Tools to Navigate to the Real

Spiritual Mindfulness:
Tools to Navigate to the Real

with Dr. Mark Majid Hoch


Class focus:

Right Intention: Attention to where we are in the moment and how to return to the Way when we step off the Road
Tariqa at Tassawuf: Spiritual path to direct knowledge (ma’rifah) of God or Reality (Haqq)
Taqwa, Tawwakul, Tawbah
Intention: What we are consciously moving/directing ourselves toward?

The conscious awareness of living our Sufi walking.
Staying awake to what we are actually doing.
What are we listening to/being guided by?
– The Real
– Our self
– The world
– The voice of fire

Are we conscious of what the Real is asking of us? Are we on the path?

Are we relying on the Guidance and the Power of the True One?

Are we off course and how to get back on the Road.


Dr. Mark Hoch, MD, is a graduate of the University of Spiritual Healing and Sufism with a concentration on Spiritual Ministry and Sufi Studies. Majid is a Muqaddam in the Shadhiliyya Sufi Tariqa of Sufi Guide, Sidi Mohammed al-Jamal. He integrates spiritual healing into his medical/healing practice in Asheville, NC.

As a physician he has been passionately involved in the Holistic Health Movement since 1986 and is a Founding Diplomate of the American Board of Integrative/Holistic Medicine. He is Co-Chair of the Past Presidents Council of the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine, an international multi-disciplinary organization devoted to improving all aspects of health for all people.

Dr. Hoch is all about Real Health and Real Care for Real People. July 9, 2017.