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Video: “Personal Stories and Insights From My Time Traveling With Sidi”

Personal Stories and Insights:
My Time Traveling with Sidi

with Salih Tony Kent


This is a very special video and teaching with Salih Tony Kent. Salih is Allah’s deep servant and has spent many years supporting Sidi, Sidi’s works, and the hearts of all beloveds. Salih traveled with Sidi throughout the United States as Sidi gave teachings. Salih, one of Sidi’s trusted companions, responds to beloveds with great generosity and has helped them connect with Sidi and his teachings.

Salih Tony Kent is a long time student and friend of Sufi master Sidi Mohamed al Jamal of Jerusalem. For years when Sidi traveled to the United States to teach, Salih would accompany him, often reading from Sidi’s books during teachings. Being blessed to have such close proximity to Sidi for so many years allowed Salih to deepen his understanding of the timeless Sufi teachings and he imparts this understanding with a humility and gentleness that opens the door for countless people to experience the depth of love, peace and mercy that is the well of Sufism.

May 14, 2017.


An accomplished photographer, business leader, and author, Salih is the president of a successful nonprofit and has worked tirelessly to help the poor in the holy land. He runs the Shadduli Center that is dedicated to sharing Sidi’s teachings and spreading the message of Peace, Love, Mercy, Justice and Freedom, as well as continuing the charitable works of Sidi. For more information, please visit: shaddulicenter.org