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Video: Teaching on “Loving Yourself is Loving Your Lord”

Teaching on “Loving Yourself is Loving Your Lord”

with Judith Sharifa Keith

Why do so many of us have difficulty loving ourselves? Deep inside we carry emotional wounds that have led us to believe “I am not good enough”, “I am unworthy,” or “I am unlovable.” We all have heard and believed those voices during our lifetime. We need to come to understand that these voices are not the truth, but illusions or veils of the truth.

Sidi, our guide, has written in his book Music of the Soul:
“Begin with yourself. Help yourself first. Send love and mercy to yourself. After you have helped yourself, then you can send mercy and love to another. You cannot send mercy if you do not see the mercy in every face.” p. 25

“If He did not love you, He would not have made you, but He wants you to see Him in everything, to know Him. You are the mirror of God.” p.114

In this video we explore the importance of loving
yourself as you walk the Path of Love.

Topics include:
1) Hidden and manifest signs of not loving yourself
2) The inner meanings of the issue of not loving yourself
3) Ways to discover and heal the root of not loving yourself
4) The teaching behind your experiences that led to not loving yourself


Judith Sharifa Keith is a graduate of the University of Spiritual Healing and Sufism with a Masters of Divinity in Spiritual Ministry and Sufi Studies and a Masters of Divinity in Spiritual Peacemaking. She also completed a 2 year Master Healers Apprenticeship Program with Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe. Sharifa holds a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and is a Registered Nurse. Her work with people with physical illness and related psychological issues contributed to her realization that all illness has a spiritual cause, which led her to Shadhiliyya Sufism to study ancient spiritual healing practices. Her studies of Sufism allowed her to find the deep love and truth of God that has transformed her life and guided her to develop an integrated spiritual healing practice and establish a Shadhiliyya Sufi Center in Atlanta, GA. June 11, 2017.