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A community that supports love, joy and peace in life.
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What is your heart really longing for?

Perhaps you are searching for a greater sense of love, joy, and ease.

Maybe you are looking for a way to ride the wave of life’s ups and downs without feeling quite so tossed around.

You might have the sense that there is something deeper inside you waiting to be more fully discovered or expressed, but you don’t quite know how to get there.

You are not alone.

Sometimes, it can be hard to find our way; to hold onto love and to hold onto joy in our ever-changing days. How do people actually find contentment?

We bet you’ve tried all kinds of ways to deal with this. You might have tried everything from meditation to psychotherapy, from diet to exercise, maybe even from numbing out (like, say, overeating) all the way to positive affirmations — but with no real results. After all this effort, it’s easy to feel like you still haven’t gotten where you want to be — and like you are missing out.

Life is not easy. Yet — it is really possible for you to grow love and joy in your life, no matter what is going on. And we can show you how – maybe you don’t have to work quite so hard to fix yourself.

We are Sufi Center MN, a spiritual community that can help you navigate through life’s ups and downs and reconnect with who you really are and what you long for.

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“If you only look at His rising light.
[realize that] the manifestation of His unity is hidden;
If you see this manifestation of unity, your secret will become firm…
… For She (i.e. the Essence of Unity) is Existence and there is nothing but Her;
so become purified.” ~ Sidi

Love From Our Community:

” The connections I have made while walking the Sufi path are a true gift in my life, along with those things that facilitate connection such as a meeting space and the newsletter are important..”

Abdullah Brennan

” The real reason I am here is that the community provided a very deep and meaningful connection for me at a very critical time in my life. I know that if I need wisdom, guidance or help in my walking, ‘God’ will provide.”

Salim Chandler Yorkhall

“The more I give and get involved, the more I get out of it.”


“Once you know the community a little bit, don’t be afraid to get involved, find a good place to contribute. Thank you to the community for being so welcoming, open and loving. It has been a beautiful experience becoming part of it.”

Zuleikha Sandra Rae Johnson

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