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Minnesota Shadhiliyya Sufi Community

We invite you to join us as we walk the Sufi way of spiritual realization. Our teachings consist of centuries old formulas for helping the wayfarer travel through the stations of the self, the heart, the soul and the secret. A long line of Sufi masters have carefully preserved these teachings from ancient times and they are now available for all to “taste.” Our community comes from all walks of life and we welcome anyone who truly loves God and is interested in spiritual growth and healing of the heart. The teachings are open to people of any race, faith and background and available to those with money and for those without. We follow the teachings of all the Prophets and emphasize the common ground of Peace, Love, Mercy, Justice, Freedom and Beauty.

In the Twin Cities we have a vibrant community waiting to join hands with you on your spiritual journey. We have weekly classes and events, designed for both newcomers and experienced spiritual travellers. We offer ongoing classes on a variety of topics as well as hosting visiting teachers from all over the country. Most of our local classes are free and scholarships are available for most of the workshops we host for national teachers.

The Inspired Heart

 Journey to the One


Walking with the mystical poets

Monthly gathering to experience mystical poetry as a Sufi practice


Community Connection Day

Monthly Sufi teachings from guest teachers around the country


Weekly Muslim Prayer Gathering
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What is Sufism?

Sufism is a spiritual path whose goal is direct knowledge of God. The aim of Sufism is to purify the self, the heart, and the soul to come into Union with God.


Access videos, audio recordings and articles to support you on your spiritual journey with these in-depth teachings.


We invite you to come to any of our gatherings, classes or healing circles, or attend one of our special events we may be hosting.
“The key is with you, in your heart, to open the door of the Light of God. This door is open for you to come and see you are one family without separation. This is the message of the Sufi way. One God, one people, all brothers and sisters, one message. Welcome for you to say you are ready to learn and know who you are. You carry everything inside your heart that you need. You are a holy jewel. Come to know the message of love and peace and mercy and justice and freedom.”

~ Sidi writing to his beloveds in the Minnesota Community

What Does Sufism Have to Offer?

Sufism is like a four legged stool. When all four legs are securely attached and even, you have a very sturdy and balanced place to sit and rest. All of this helps us open our hearts and directly know and experience the Divine. The four legs of this stool are: the practices, actively participating in the healing process, community, and the teachings of our guide

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“The Guide who shows you the Way is your brother. Take his hand and he will lead you from station to station, from the dark to the light, from the gross to the subtle. The secret is in the Love. You are the love, not another. When you find this Love, what more could you want?”

~ Sidi Shaykh Muhammad al-Jamal

Community Connection Days

Sufi Teaching Videos

On the 2nd Sunday of every month the Sufi Center invites teachers from around the country and the world to offer wisdom and insights about a variety of spiritual subjects.  Using state-of-the-art video conferencing technology at the Center we experience and interact with these beautiful teachers and teachings every month. Access recordings of these beautiful teachings here and visit our events page for future connection days.

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Love From Our Community:

” The real reason I am here is that the community provided a very deep and meaningful connection for me at a very critical time in my life. I know that if I need wisdom, guidance or help in my walking, Allah will provide.”

Salim Chandler Yorkhall

” The connections I have made while walking the Sufi path are a true gift in my life, along with those things that facilitate connection such as a meeting space and the newsletter are important..”

Abdullah Brennan

“The more I give and get involved, the more I get out of it.”


“Once you know the community a little bit, don’t be afraid to get involved, find a good place to contribute. Thank you to the community for being so welcoming, open and loving. It has been a beautiful experience becoming part of it.”

Zuleikha Sandra Rae Johnson

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